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US grade 2.0 " (50.8MM) focal lens by Meller Optics

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US grade 2.0 " (50.8MM) focal lens by Meller Optics

American made lens from Meller Optics with a triple coated crystalline material. Approximate spot size is 0.005. Lens diameter of 0.75". We highly recommend these lenses from Meller Optics if you have a laser with power greater than 80W or utilize your laser for more than 4hrs continuously.

Meller lenses combined with their mirrors will save you both and material by providing the highest quality, accuracy and consistency. This lens is the most versatile for engraving and cutting thinner materials such as 1/8 - 1/4" acrylic.

This lens is most common and versatile for cutting thinner materials and engraving.