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As a master teacher for PLTW (Project Lead The Way) I realize that my experiences and recommendations influence a good number of schools. I can without any hesitation recommend purchasing a laser from Pacific Coast Lasers. 6 years ago I purchased my first laser from them (an 80 watt, 36” x 24” cabinet style laser). The machine turned out to be so useful and dependable that a year ago I moved up to a larger, more powerful machine (150 watt, 1500mm x 1200mm). Having a laser cutter/engraver has allowed me to incorporate prototyping projects into the curriculum that would be impossible with 3D printing. Not only is it quick and and inexpensive but we are able to use a variety of media such as cardboard, wood, acrylic, and leather. Furthermore, the machines are safe and easy to use. Within the first quarter of the year, the students (9th graders) are able to go from CAD model to physical model cut on the laser independently. Thanks to everyone at Pacific Coast Lasers for such a great product at a price that can’t be beat. 


Lenny Perez


SATO Academy of Math & Science (currently)

Long Beach, CA

DaVinci Schools (formerly)

Los Angeles, CA 


PLTW - Intro to Engineering Design

PLTW - Digital Electronics

PLTW - Computer Integrated Manufacturing