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Pacific Coast Lasers Includes the industries only 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.

Do not be confused with lesser quality tubes and warranties. Pacific Coast Lasers has decided to limit our offerings to only the highest quality lasers, laser tubes and accessories.

Our laser tubes are as pictured and include only screw connections. NO WIRE CONNECTIONS!

We also off the only Red Dot Pointer that can be attached directly to the laser tube.

  • 1. Greater accuracy 
  • 2. Space saving design
  • 3. Less expensive than traditional red dot mounts that need to be installed in the machine.
  • 4. Less maintenance issues.

All tubes are packed in double boxes, styrofoam inserts, Bubble wrap and peanuts to ensure the safest shipping possible. We spend about $50 on the packaging of each laser tube. Since FEDEX, UPS etc do not cover any glass items for insurance purposes all tubes are shipped to customers without insurance. Please check all tubes upon arrival. We ask that we be notified within 48 hours of receipt if the tube appears broken. In the rare event that it is broken Pacific Coast Lasers will send one additional tube for FREE. We ask that the customer pay the shipping of the second package.

Please contact us with any questions.

Pacific Coast Laser Tubes

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  • Silicone Sleeve

    Silicone Sleeve


    It is best to have Silicone sleeves around the connections of your laser tubes to prevent sparking and potential damage. Each sleeve is will fit 40W to 180W laser tubes.