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Water Chillers are recommended to keep the temperature of your laser tube between 65 and 75 degrees. This is for optimum power. There are two types of chillers, air cooled and refrigerated. The ambient chillers can cool the water 10 degrees less than room temperature. If your laser is over 80W, your laser is in a location that regularly exceeds 80 degrees or you run your laser more than 4hrs continuously, The thermostat will cool the water temperature to within .3 degrees Celsius of accuracy.

Why Upgrade Chiller?

  • level temperature will keep your laser power consistent
  • extend the life of your laser tube
  • CW3000 - cools 10 degrees under room temp
  • CW5000 - 800W chilling capacity
  • CW5200 - 1400W chilling capacity

Water Chillers

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